Lorraine Canales

Committee: Lorraine Canales 4 Pomona City Council 2024

Funds Raised through 2/29/24*: $14,759.00

Contributions Received in Comparison to Other Pomona Council Candidates

Itemized Contributions by Donor Type

  • 88% of contributions come from individuals
  • 54% of contributions com from within Pomona

Itemized Business Contributions by Sector

  • 67% of business contributions are from general business committees
  • 20% of business contributions are from media services

Largest Contributors

NameCityDonor TypeOccupationEmployerAmount
Mark WarrenClaremontIndividualProvider RepresentativePomona Housing$2,620.00
Cathy TessierPomonaIndividualRental ManagerArteco Management$2,500.00
Lorraine CanalesPomonaIndividualRetired$1,010.00
Rahda ReddyPomonaIndividualRetired$1,000.00
BizFed PACSacramentoBusiness Committee$1,000.00

*includes all donations reported through 2/17/24 and subsequent donations in excess of $1,000 as reported on Form 497.
Source: Forms 460 and Forms 497 submitted to the City of Pomona City Clerk’s office, publicly posted on the city web site.