Clean & Green Pomona has released its vision for a Kid-Friendly Pomona Park System. Read about key issues, opportunities, and policies we believe must be addressed by the City’s Parks Master Plan, currently being contemplated by city officials.


Announcing winners in our youth photography contest

Youth were challenged to capture the the best our parks have to offer and celebrate these great public spaces. . Learn more…

Announcing our Tree Planting Priority Index

This equity-based approach prioritizes future planting efforts based on equality of outcomes, in response to environmental, infrastructural, and demographic factors. Learn more…

Our Organization’s Vision

Our vision is for Pomona to be a leader in environmental justice, sustainability and health, inclusive of all who live and work here.

Our Mission

The Mission of Clean & Green Pomona is to clean up and green up Pomona’s industrial zone and neighborhoods. We work to improve environmental quality, safety and appearance of Pomona’s industrial zone and adjacent neighborhoods to benefit the quality of life and health of all Pomona residents and workers.

Our Initiatives

Since 2011, Clean & Green Pomona has advocated and led direct action for environmental improvements. Our work includes:

  • Urban Greening
  • Park Advocacy
  • Anti-Pollution Policy
  • Monitoring & Enforcement
  • Climate Change Action
  • Community Empowerment

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