Urban Greening

Since 2017, Clean & Green Pomona has partnered with Pomona Unified School District and the City of Pomona to plant over 700 trees on public lands, substantially increasing the city’s urban forest. All planting is done by community volunteers. In 2020, Clean & Green Pomona received a grant from California ReLeaf to plant 325 trees in city parks and along city streets.

Park Advocacy

Clean & Green Pomona has been a strong voice for parks and open space in Pomona, advocating for the establishment of a robust park impact fee for developers, preventing the loss of park land, and calling for an ambitious parks master plan. Read our vision for a Pomona parks master plan:

Anti-Pollution Policy

Clean & Green Pomona has a long record of fighting for improvements to local environmental regulations. These include restrictions on new waste and recycling facilities, the elimination of diesel school buses, and a reduction in over 20 miles of designated truck routes in Pomona.

Monitoring and Enforcement

Stricter enforcement of existing industrial regulations has been a long-term priority for Clean & Green Pomona. We have partnered with Cal-EPA and other local organizations in monitoring industrial operations that threaten public health and safety, and continue to advocate for enforcement of existing regulations.

Climate Change Action

Clean & Green Pomona has led efforts in the City of Pomona to fight climate change, hosting clean transportation workshops, and convening working groups to pursue climate change action funding, as well as through direct action of planting trees.

Community Empowerment

As a partner in hosting Pomona Placemaking workshops, Clean & Green Pomona actively builds capacity in local communities to learn, plan and act for themselves.